Freight Consolidation

For any organization uninterrupted access to the required raw materials is a critical requirement for smooth and efficient day to day operations. This also means having a diverse and varied base of suppliers. When you deal with a varied range of suppliers, logistics can become very complicated and time consuming, thus eating into your time and operational efficiency.

ATA Impex solves this problem by collecting, consolidating and shipping your material requirements. This means significantly increased operational efficiency for your organization and reduced logistics costs.

Why choose ATA Impex?

  • Consolidated shipments enjoy the same benefits as full container load shipments.
  • A world class logistics team dedicated to reducing your logistics costs.
  • Global network in place with local experts at every destination.
  • A fully automated 85,000 sqft logistics centre to manage your shipments.
  • Real time access to your inventory levels.
  • Cargo status updates 24/7.
With ATA Impex you have over two decades of experience in logistics and freight consolidation at your service.

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