Packaging cost calculation tool

Would it make things a lot easier for your costing and operational cost control department if you could have the actual packaging cost of each box with a high degree of accuracy? If this were available as an automated process that completely eliminates tedious and time consuming manual calculation, would that simplify your costing financials? You no longer need to take the traditional route to assume that packaging cost is a standard percentage of the total cost. You can have the actual figures in hand with the help of PCCT software.

When it comes to calculating the actual cost of each packaging component including the box, pallet and shipment, Vizio’s PCCT, price cost calculation tool, provides complete -

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy

As part of the standardization process, optimal and actual criteria are entered into the system and the PCCT uses these to calculate individual costs.

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