Poly bagging, Kitting & Light assembly

At ATA Impex, we are committed to increasing your business efficiency and reducing operational costs. We support your day to day operations by simplifying your material management processes. Where distribution involves the combining of multiple products into new kits, our customizable and ingeniously simple warehouse kitting services are the perfect fit for your requirements.

Rather than complicate operations at the manufacturing site, you can simplify things and opt for our services where we will work to same specifications and tolerances that exist within the manufacturing facility.

Our kitting services can support your operation in many ways. You will be able to simplify your material management at your site and help with the planning of your manufacturing activities and purchasing activities. We can be an extension of your operation and work to the same specifications and tolerances that you would within your own facility.

Our warehouse kitting and assembly services allow you to:

  • Reduce inventory by storing component products in the warehouse and finalizing product kits just before delivery.
  • Respond quickly and economically to increased retailer demand for custom packs.
  • Eliminate shipping mistakes by shipping in kit form rather than as separate components.

We also have expertise in creating multipacks, club packs, promotional kits and other product kits.

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