Quality Control

Can your business afford the risk of returns and delays due to defects in shipments? This is why it is extremely important to have proper quality control processes in place. ATA Impex offers this valuable service to easily iron out any snags in your supply chain.

Whether it is procurement or shipping out your products to customers, our quality control team ensures that quality is never compromised. We use the tried and tested random sampling method to perform both visual and functional checks. Quality control can prevent returns and delays to ensure smooth operations at all times.

We check thoroughly from the point of view of –

  • Quantity ordered.
  • Visual aspects such as finishing and colors.
  • Cartons and product packaging.
  • Size and weight.
  • Labels, logos, tags and barcodes.

We source and qualify only the best factories for your procurement needs and ensure your company brand image is uncompromised. ATA Impex also offers you the convenience of requesting a technical and confidential quality inspection performed by an engineer.

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