Space Optimization

Why spend endless man hours planning how to load cargo into your container when you can leave it to the experts? ATASOT, the revolutionary Space Optimization software from ATA Impex, calculates the most efficient way to load cargo into a container.

Space optimization comes from experience and the instinctive ability to get the maximum quantity of product to fit into a limited space. Our software is designed using precisely these skills and cargo can be loaded in containers based on plans generated by ATASOT.

The advantages of space optimization:

  • More material can be loaded into the same container.
  • More material can be shipped at the same cost.
  • More cost efficient supply chain.
  • Reduced operational costs increases revenue.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to more efficient logistics.

In this day and age where innovation and cost efficiency is the key to success in any business, ATASOT is the most innovative solution you can opt for.

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