Strategic Packaging

At ATA Impex, our goals are to maximize your supply chain efficiency and minimize your logistics costs. We achieve these goals by offering a wide range of value added services to our customers. No matter how unique or complicated the packaging solutions you require, we can give you the best fit solutions. We ensure that your materials are perfectly packaged and ready for the end clients.

Our strategic packaging solutions are innovative and versatile enough to meet unique and complex needs. The custom designed packaging solutions we offer can maximize space utilization, minimize packaging costs and also eliminate the risk of damage in transport. Our customized packaging solutions also ensure that space is optimally utilized within containers thus avoiding wasted space completely.

Our strategic packaging solutions include-

  • Custom designed boxes to match your requirements perfectly.
  • Boxes sized to fit shipping containers perfectly and minimize space waste.
  • Boxes that come in different strength ratings to match your needs.
  • Boxes with different thicknesses and padding options to match your needs.

You can also enjoy the benefits of ATASOT, our revolutionary space optimization software, which is used to maximize loading efficiency and minimize your logistics costs.

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