• Pick & Pack

    Pick & Pack

    If your business generates a high volume of product that requires packaging for transport and other purposes, this process by itself can pose quite a few operational and…

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  • Palletizing & Shrink wrapping

    Palletizing & Shrink wrapping

    ATA Impex offers palletizing and shrink wrapping services by an expert team of specially trained and experienced team members. These services include individual wrapping of the cargo, strapping…

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  • Poly bagging, Kitting & Light assembly

    Poly bagging, Kitting & Light assembly

    At ATA Impex, we are committed to increasing your business efficiency and reducing operational costs. We support your day to day operations by simplifying your material management processes.…

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  • PCCT


    Would it make things a lot easier for your costing and operational cost control department if you could have the actual packaging cost of each box with a…

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  • Marking & Labeling

    Marking & Labeling

    ATA Impex aims to increase the efficiency of your supply chain management practices with our value added services designed for this purpose. Marking and labeling are critical processes…

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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Can your business afford the risk of returns and delays due to defects in shipments? This is why it is extremely important to have proper quality control processes…

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  • Strategic Packaging

    Strategic Packaging

    At ATA Impex, our goals are to maximize your supply chain efficiency and minimize your logistics costs. We achieve these goals by offering a wide range of value…

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  • Space Optimization

    Space Optimization

    Why spend endless man hours planning how to load cargo into your container when you can leave it to the experts? ATASOT, the revolutionary Space Optimization software from…

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  • Freight Consolidation

    Freight Consolidation

    For any organization uninterrupted access to the required raw materials is a critical requirement for smooth and efficient day to day operations. This also means having a diverse…

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